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our mission

To share stories about cool people and businesses driving sustainable change for our planet.

OUR Definition of sustainability

That which sustains, enhances, and defends life.  

Our story

Several months ago, I got rid of most of my stuff and decided to road trip around the U.S. pulling a tiny house by a PHEV. This decision came after a near-retirement and period of filming sad stories about our environment. 

As a video producer by trade, I wanted to find a way to show the good stuff—the people growing food in their backyards, getting rid of plastic packaging at their businesses, and volunteering their time to teach people about respecting wildlife. What better way than by traveling far and wide to capture nature enthusiasts, adventurers, and sustainability advocates in their element?

Just like that, What Fuels You USA, a sustainability-focused multimedia road trip project, was born.

I'm inviting anyone and everyone to join me as I explore our National Wildlife Refuges, outdoor spaces, and local communities and businesses. Together we'll learn about the connection we all have—and need—with nature.

See you on the road!

Erika Gilsdorf

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