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  • Erika Gilsdorf

Driving Electric

Denver, Colorado

EVs, or electric vehicles, provide an alternative to gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, which are emitters of carbon.

Benefits of driving electric

  1. Affordability (in fuel costs and potentially maintenance)

  2. At-home charging

  3. Production of less harmful pollution (compared to cars powered by fossil fuels)

  4. Responsive and have good torque due to fast-reacting electric motors

  5. Model variety- from all-wheel drive SUVs to sub-compacts, both new and used

  6. Federal tax credit- many all-electric and plug-in hybrid models have federal tax incentives. State and local areas may have further tax incentives.

Bonus benefit if you're in Colorado: $2,500 tax incentive on ALL new EVs (in addition to Federal tax credits available with many models of EVs).

Make sure to reach out to find out about federal, state, and local tax credits that can come with driving electric.

Get to know Drive Electric Colorado

Drive Electric CO works to provide individuals with information about EVs. They have a team of coaches across the state to help inform consumers about electric driving.

Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition

The DMCCC works with various community leaders and stakeholders to save energy and promote domestic fuels and advanced technologies in transportation.

Fun Fact: Sonja Meintsma (seen in photo above), the Project Manager for DNCCC, even rode her electric bike to meet me! Love that!

Sonja's Advice

Take an EV for a test drive and/or make a pledge that the next car you'll purchase will be electric!





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