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  • Erika Gilsdorf

It's a Road Trip!

What's going on, when, and why.

Hey there!

I’m Erika and the producer and solo traveler for the upcoming road trip around the U.S. series called What Fuels You: An Electric Road Trip. I’ll be pulling a tiny house and basically calling the roughly 120 sq. ft space home for a year.

I get asked why I'm doing this pretty often. Besides the obvious of why not, which drives most of my good and not-so-good decisions in my life, the main reason is to find and meet cool people driving change for our planet. And, more importantly share their stories with you. I think we could all use a healthy dose of feeling good.

How we each drive change fascinates and inspires me. I’m continually in awe of people who challenge the status quo, try, fail, believe, hope and persevere. Especially in today’s world, those who keep on pursuing what fuels them to make a difference.

I’m super excited about the people I can’t wait to meet in the mountains, on farms and ranches, at the beach, surfing, in their cafes and breweries, at schools, homes and workshops. Through photos, videos, posts and conversations, I hope you'll join and be a part of this adventure.

A selfie-free zone.

This is about the people we’ll meet together and the places you’ll see alongside me. 99% of this trip is uncertain. I’m just now figuring out my route and learning about snow covered passes and when to take an interstate or back road. I’ve never driven an electric vehicle, charged one myself, nor used a charging app. I’ve never been on a solo road trip and I’ve never filmed productions on my own. I’m a producer who typically works with a snazzy crew who covers all the bases for me.

Though I’m traveling alone, I have an amazing team behind me and The National Wildlife Refuge Association and the Center for Responsible Travel as wonderful and dedicated partners to see this through.

I also have great sponsors who are becoming more like friends as we navigate this road trip together. I'll always be grateful to these first sponsors who believed in this road trip when it was just a crazy idea.

So, the route. I'm heading from Minnesota to the Pacific Northwest first and traveling down the west coast and into Nevada and Arizona. From there it's up to the Rockies, then Southeast in the spring, the Midwest next summer, and I'll finish up the series in the Northeast.

As for the tiny house, I can’t wait to see it. We’ll see it for the first time together. What’s unique about this is it had to be very light with a maximum 1,500 towing capacity for my Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in SUV I'll be driving. Which, I haven't seen yet either! Exciting!

I hope you will join the road trip with us, figure things out with me on the road, get to know cool people, and of course have some fun.

We’re doing this!


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