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  • Erika Gilsdorf

Meet Bill!

Sherwood, Oregon

What Fuels Bill? The unexpected.

Bill Deckelmann is a wildlife photographer local to the Sherwood area near the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge.

"Every day at the refuge has the ability to be different and surprising. Most of my best pics were taken when I least expected it. The bald eagle pics were taken in the last 5 minutes of a rather uneventful day."

3 Things Bill 💚s About the Refuge:

  1. It's close to where he lives so he can visit it often.

  2. The refuge has a lot of diverse species.

  3. It attracts a wide variety of people and photographers.

Since he lives near TRNWR, he's had a chance to capture some amazing photos.

Click through the slideshow below!

Thanks Bill for sharing your beautiful photos with us!

All of his photos were taken with a Canon 90D and a 150-600 Sigma lens far enough away not to disturb the animals.

Bill's Photography Tip: Stay far enough away to allow wildlife to act naturally--you'll get a more authentic experience!

Bonus Tip: The best times to see wildlife are at dawn and dusk.

To see more of Bill's work 👉 or find him on Facebook or Instagram.





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