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  • Erika Gilsdorf

Meet our Partners!

This road trip is all about sharing stories of ordinary people doing some extraordinary things to protect our planet. Along the way, we'll stop at some incredible spots right in our own backyard and learn a lot about life on the road.

And who better to partner and road-trip with than The National Wildlife Refuge Association and the Center for Responsible Travel? The outdoors meet responsible, kind travel!

Meet our partners below and the real people behind these organizations working with us and driving change in the different corners of the world they work.

The National Wildlife Refuge Association

“Here at the National Wildlife Refuge Association, we all know and love our National Wildlife Refuge System and understand this unique system of public lands set aside for wildlife. The What Fuels You Campaign will reach out to national wildlife refuges, communities surrounding them, and beyond to broaden and diversify the support for national wildlife refuges on the ground and online.

Tackling climate change isn’t a one-person job. We know that national wildlife refuges play a crucial role in the fight providing carbon sequestration, flooding, storm, fire, biodiversity protection, and so much more. Our national wildlife refuges also provide a safe space to breathe fresh air and improve our mental and physical wellbeing.

We are so excited to be a part of the What Fuels You Campaign and can’t wait to share these amazing stories with you!”

Learn more about the National Wildlife Refuge Association’s work HERE.

Center for Responsible Travel

“All of us at the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) are dedicated to increasing the positive global impact of responsible tourism, and in 2021 we aim to strengthen our efforts around tourism in a climate crisis. In this moment of crisis for our planet and its people, we believe responsible travel is more important than ever, and we are committed to finding innovative solutions to combat our current climate challenges.

We at CREST are excited to partner with Erika’s team and the National Wildlife Refuge Association on the “What Fuels You? An Electric Road Trip.” We look forward to supporting Erika as she travels (responsibly!) around the USA, sharing stories of inspiring people and communities who are tackling the climate crisis and working to protect our natural places for wildlife, human health, and local economic strength.

Learn more about CREST’s work HERE.





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