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  • Erika Gilsdorf

Organic Essence

Crescent City, CA

I found Organic Essence tucked away in Crescent City, CA when I was making my way down the west coast. I had to meet the team I'd heard was hand-making some pretty cool skin care products— USDA-certified, organic food grade products to be exact.

Meet Ellery and Gail West and Ralph Browning, founders of Organic Essence. They started the company in 2008 and currently sell their chemical-free products worldwide.

But this team didn't stop with their chemical- free products. Watch below to hear about the reality-check that took their business to a whole new level. 🐳

What Fuels Them?

Solving the Plastics Problem

"Plastic doesn't have to be our only choice. It's not good for us and it's not good for our environment." —Ellery West.

Organic Essence invented a way to package their products, plastic-free.

In addition, to encourage other businesses to use sustainable packaging, they do custom orders for plastic-free packaging for other brands—and sell around the world!

Find out below from Ralph Browning what goes in (and not in) their handmade products at Organic Essence.

Check out all their organic, plastic-free products on their website. You can also learn how their products are made and visit their website or find them on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you Organic Essence! You're truly driving change! Keep it up! Love love your products! Luxurious and guilt-free!





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